2 . Machinary

Petruzzi Industria Grafica has a factory of 6,000 square meters, divided between the pre-press department, printing, warehouses and offices. The company is able to produce in all formats with the following equipment:


N. 1KBA RAPIDA offset size 120×160 in 4 colors

N. 1KBA RAPIDA offset size 120×160 in 4 colors

N. 1KBA RAPIDA offset size 120×160 in 4 colors
also convertible for the 2 + 2

N. 1KBA RAPIDA offset size 120×160 in 4 colors
also convertible for 2 + 2 (alcoolfree)

N. 1KBA RAPIDA offset size 120×160 in 5 colors

N. 1KOMORI LITHRONE 40 offset 72×103 in 5 colors


N. 1Digital printer: Konica Minolta Accurio Press C6085

N. 1Pur: Adventure KGS perfect binder

N. 1Creasing machine: Morgana AutoCreaser Pro 50

  • Linear paper knife WOHLEMBERG light 185 MCS 2 TV with computer unloading BAUMAN BA / 7 Automatic;
  • Linear paper knife SCHNEIDER-SENATOR LUCE 132. with automatic loading and unloading;
  • Folding group composed of 12 folders of format cm. 35 x 50 in cm. 100 x 140 with mixed or modular folds; for one of our industrial strategy, we have installed all new MBOs;
  • MULLER MARTINI harvesters with RALISSA stacker group in line output;
  • Sewing group n. 7: of which n. 2 ASTRONIC and n. 3 ASTER 2000 (GRAFCO) and 2 SMITH equipped with power supply;
  • Complete line of MULLER MARTINI paperback with conveyor belts connected to the WOHLEMBERG 50 FS letter opener with outfeed stacker and cellophane wrapping of packs in line (SITMA Mod.740 / T);
  • Six-station staple chain plus in-line creasing and cover folding unit, stacker at the exit; all MULLER MARTINI.
  • Machine for cellophane wrapping of single copies and address entry from printout at high speed (brand: CMC – Città di Castello);
  • SITMA C35 machine for high packs max. 14 cm for small runs;
  • Automatic banding machine with two stations for coupling of 2 volumes, to avoid complete cellophane wrapping.
    (German-made machine in our exclusive for 5 years – prototype).
  • Perfect binding line MULLER MARTINI TRENDBINDER 3009/24 ”with COLLECTOR 3692/24 – connection transfer between collector and perfect binder, trilateral ZENIT 3672 and stacking tower PRINTSTACK CB / 16;
  • System for staple, first seven-station overlapping seam, with double four-head working device, with the fourth blade in line.
    Formats: untrimmed max. 480 x 320mm. min. 153 x 108mm.
  • Automatic line for hardcover: COMPACT BF 2000 – COPILOT.
    Formation of round and false, gluing, raising, gluing, application of crepe paper and capital, smoothing and embedding of hardcover book blocks. The machine is equipped with an automatic feeder belt for the single blocks from the left, a universal dividing sword, a yield, an output belt towards
    left, electric copy counter, automatic adjustment of programmable formats via a screen (CO-PILOT)
  • Size range: maximum 365x270x70mm.
    Minimum 125 x 100 x 6mm. Mechanical performance up to 45 strokes per minute.
  • MULLER MARTINI 3691/24 collection line, completely electronic with ASIR II systems, consisting of sensors for central adjustment of sensitivity and sequential errors;
  • Paperback line MULLER MARTINI, COMANDER ACORO, centralized data entry with touch-screen, to streamline production and get quick start-ups;
  • Connection belts of about 123 meters, with TRILATERAL ZENITH / S for thin products, with single cutting device and pre-cut with max back format equal to 7 cm;
  • STACKER CB / 16 stacker output connection;
  • n. 2 1020 BENDING MACHINES with 102 X 167 format completely automatic and computerized;
  • Expansion of the sewing department with the installation of n. 2 new ASTER 220 / SH-42 staplers.
The machines are of the latest generation and equipped with the most modern technological control systems to offer a guarantee of high quality.

The training of its staff with updates managed by the best schools and by specialized consultants enhances the human factor which remains the vital core of every production process.

Petruzzi Industria Grafica considers itself a valid partner of the customer, with timely assistance to the requested services, and is committed to its satisfaction and success.

The company adopts a strong policy of social responsibility and care of the environment with the aim of qualifying as alcoolfree.